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Computers break down. They always have and always will. Most people don't have either the time or knowledge to fix problems and would much rather leave it to the experts.

That's where we come in.

At IT Inyanga we have fixied just about every computer problem you can throw at us for the last 15 years. With thousands of satisfied customers, we've seen it all but we love a challenge and don't give up easily.

Through honesty and hard work, we have gained a reputation for excellence in the Gauteng area - so much so that our word of mouth business counts for 45% of our business and the remaing being repeat clients

We pride ourselves in giving a top quality service with a friendly, understanding manner. If you're happy, we're happy and we have always thrived on good recommendations from our customers!

Below are just a few of the services we provide:

Viruses and Malware Removal

In the digital world we live in, with streaming media and downloadable content, Viruses and Malware are unavoidable. We know how to handle viruses, we will scan your computer using the latest anti-virus software, and manually sift through you system files to track down all nasties and eradicate them.

Computer and Proactive Maintenance

Using a select set of tools we will test every piece of hardware for potential problems. Once we get the all clear we will focus on the software. Removing unused start-up items, analysing log files, deleting unused temporary files and recommending upgrades which will make your computer run like new without having to replace it.

Operating System and Application Updates

Should your computer's operating system reach a state where it is inoperable it will need reinstalling. We will backup, wipe, install and update, returning your data to its rightful place and making the machine run better than before.

Replacement of Failed Hardware

Hardware failure can be the root cause of many computer problems. When hardware fails, no amount of software work will fix the issue, it will have to be replaced. Should a component need replacing, it can be replaced without hassle, getting your computer back to you in the minimum amount of time.

System Upgrades

With operating systems and software becoming more advanced, you need to make sure your hardware can keep up. Our technicians are happy to suggest ways of getting the best out of your computer, either by changing software such as the anti-virus you use, through to memory and storage upgrades.

Laptop Screen Replacements

Be it screen failure or accident, screen replacements can be costly if sent back to the manufacturer. From the point we look at your computer, we can normally replace the screen within 24 hours, at costs below manufactures prices 

Power Sockets Repairs

If your laptop has stopped charging it is normally one of two things; the charger or the socket. In either case we can help. We stock a wide variety of original and universal chargers should your charger need replacing, otherwise one of our board level technicians can replace the socket in your laptop improving on the original design.

Chipset and Board level Repairs

Unfortunately chipset failure is common in laptops, normally caused by insufficient or badly designed cooling. Our board level technicians can repair or replace the chipset, saving you having to buy a new laptop.